1pointsize is not a mere ad agency. We are brand surgeons with creative blood flowing through our veins. We are a crack team of specialists who fervently believe that even the smallest of brands deserve the biggest of ideas.

So, we don’t ever talk about billings or budgets. All we are interested in is, one simple question: Do you want to multiply your turnover without multiplying your ad budget? If yes, you must talk to us.

We are 1pointsize, the creative boutique that has guided the destiny of hundreds of brands. 1pointsize is run by Sharad Haksar. We have won a truckload of awards for creating campaigns and building brands in every conceivable category.

We may be based out of Chennai but we are just a phone call away for companies that deserve our attention. If you have a problem that your big bloated bumbling agency just doesn’t get, do not hesitate to knock on our doors. And hey, welcome to our world.